Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Like a teacher!

Yesterday, while flipping through my little Age of the Sword booklet, I noticed some things that needed to be fixed.  Then I saw some more.  And even more!  And before I knew it, I was attacking the pages with my red pen, leaving a bloody swath of edits in my wake!  As the last one fell, I was panting in disbelief that I had put this crap out for public consumption at one point.

Most of the edits came in the form of leftovers from EGO.  The original text was for a universal system, so there were a lot of references to non-S&S genres (like guns, and vehicles, and turret mounted autocannons).  I cleaned all of those up, clarified a few of the rules, and rearranged some of the content.  I also created a form-fillable version of the character sheet, mainly so I could create premade sample characters.  Over all, it's pretty good now.  I might still work on fleshing out some of the content and flavor text.

But, as always, the art will be the hard part.  Yesterday I had this idea of creating original art by freehand copying the Frazetta art I have in there now, but adding in details and modifications.  So, basically I would be borrowing Frank's poses and layouts, and that's it.  I think that might work.  And this will probably take me the entire summer to do.  Age of the Sword might be ready for release into the wild sometime around August.

In other news, I am thinking about putting together a little Basic D&D adventure to run my 10-year old daughter (and probably her mom) through.  She has expressed interest when we go to game-night on Fridays at our friends' house.  Of course, that interest kind of falls off as soon as her own friend shows up.  But still, it might be fun to give her a shot at Basic.  I have the PDF of B1 - In Search of the Unknown, so I might just run her through that.

I'm off to Vegas this weekend (driving from Wisconsin, ugh!) to see my oldest daughter graduate from high school.  But, I have all of next week off, so in between family stuff, I might get some writing done.  And then we have our regualy bi-wekly game next Friday night.

Until next time, keep rolling!

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