Monday, October 7, 2013

Available Now - Qruzlat

An orcish martial art, you say? How can such a thing be?

Find out in my newest supplement to the Life of Rage - OSR Edition game book, Qruzlat for only $1.00!

In the beginning, when Argok lead his people west, across the Dragonspine Mountains, he traveled with an advisor known as Tarok Bonecrusher. Tarok was a warrior without peer, believed to have even bested Argok himself in one-on-one combat. But what made Tarok unique was that he eschewed both armor and weapons, preferring to fight in only foreign robes, with fists and feet wrapped in leather...

Qruzlat is the orcish martial art developed by Tarok to harness the natural strength and rage of the orc. This supplement was written specifically for the Life of Rage - OSR Edition game, but can be used in a number of OGL-based systems.

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