Monday, November 3, 2014

The Gamehole cometh…

Ok, I know that sounds awful. But I’m really excited about this coming weekend. It’s Gamehole Con II, and I am now officially a 2nd Level Gamer. I’m not sure if I got anything special for that this year, but they assure us that, in the future there will be perks based on how many Gamehole Cons you have attended.

Anyways, my schedule for this coming weekend includes 28 hours of gaming over the course of three days. This includes one 5e game, two 1e games (one with Frank Metzner), a Traveller T20 game, and a Pathfinder game. Basically I will be rolling d20’s all weekend. And I’m totally cool with that.

Friday and Saturday mornings are set aside to browse the seller room, and maybe pick up some off-the-cuff game or a panel. My wife will be there too. She’s playing a game run by Jim Ward on Friday, and then running her own game of Dragon Age that evening. The rest of the time we are together, and I love that. No gamer widow in my house!

I think maybe next year I will see about running a game or two. Right now I’m looking at Covert Ops, and maybe Mutants & Marvels. Of course, if DwD gets FrontierSpace out, I might could go for that. Then again, I might just chicken out and remain a player. We’ll see.

For right now, I’m just excited for this year.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Ahnuld (Half-Orc Barbarian 6/Favored Soul 6/Fighter 5) killed a Balrog…er…Balor in melee combat last night. He had a big boost of help from the Archbishop, and from one of our archer characters, not to mention all of the buffing spells and effects. But, when all was said and done, the thing died, and subsequently exploded (because that’s what they do). And even standing ground zero for the blast, Ahnuld was left with 71 hit points, and ready to fight some more. The army behind the beast was a bit intimidated, and many of them broke and ran. The only downside was that two of our NPC followers, including Ahnuld’s best friend, Atruus (Dark Elf Wizard 13) died in the blast. Fortunately, the Archbishop can raise them both. All-in-all a good session. And the battle for Salisbury is only half over!

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