Tuesday, June 16, 2015

End of an era...

So, we finally finished our D&D campaign that lasted 6+ years in real time. At the end of the final confrontation, the DM told us to level up, rounding us off at an even level 20 (just in case we decide to revisit these characters in a future campaign).

So, Ahnuld, the half-orc acolyte of Templarus, God of War, will settle into semi-retirement. He will entertain passers-by with tales of heroism, and espouse the virtues of his chosen deity. His God Sword will hang above the mantle in his prosperous blacksmith's shop, until the day comes when his strength and rage is needed once more.

And Ahnuld's ever-faithful companion (faithful through two resurrections), Artrous the Dark Elf Wizard, will return to his people, and hopefully reunite with his brothers. Together they will help rebuild the devastated Dark Elf realms, and bring the word of Templarus to the people of the Underdark.

Will Arty ever return to the surface, and rejoin his half-orc friend? The future only knows.


  1. Sounds very very cool. I see on your side bar you are playing Dragon Age...How are you liking it? I have the 3 box sets (and I'll probably get the big book), but I've never played it, but I think I would like it alot.

    1. Technically, we aren't actually playing yet. We're on a hiatus for the rest of summer due to various vacation plans and whatnot. My wife will be running her DA campaign beginning in August.

      That being said, I did play it at Gary Con year before last, and it was a cool game. Even though the GM wasn't very good at handling a large group, we still had a lot of fun. The system is nice and simple.