Friday, February 21, 2014


Get yer minds outta tha gutters! I mean as in being at the end of my rope. Mentally. It has been a long week. Mainly due to the weather, but also some illness, and a few other factors. At least I get to game tonight, after almost a month off. Oh, did I mention we are having a guest player tonight? Yeah, some guy named Ernie Gygax. I hear he’s a big deal in the D&D universe.

Yes, Ernie will be joining us at our lowly gaming table tonight. It’s kind of a long story, that involves one of my friends getting to know a lot of people in the gaming industry that are relatively local, including the guys who put on the recent Gamehole Con here in Madison, WI. Anyways, Ernie is in town for some big local to-do tomorrow, and is staying as a house-guest of my afore-mentioned friend.

Of course, there’s the self-conscious part of me that worries he will think I’m “doing it wrong.” Silly, I know. But, in geek circles, he’s kind of a celebrity. Even royalty, if you will.

Either way, I’m just looking forward to gaming. We’re at the point where we are trying to find a tear in reality that will allow us to enter Perdition. Why go there? Well, apparently some demon lord has a plague that will only effect the rat-creatures that are spreading a very different plague in our reality.

I had briefly considered ditching my main character for a bit, and taking over his NPC follower as my main character. My main is a half-orc follower of the God of War. His follower is a Dark Elf (not a Drow) wizard. But, after some thought it seemed kind of selfish to remove our only real tank when we are about to confront all manner of demons and devils. So, Ahnuld stays. Incidentally, Ernie might play my wizard. We have a plethora of NPCs, and he said he would just play one of them.

On my own writing front, I have been trying to concentrate on the fiction project I have going. But I keep chipping away at Mutants & Marvels. I have a government organization like SHIELD, as well as a terrorist organization (nothing terribly original, I fear). I’m also going to work up some other villains, and maybe a sample adventure. I have a few people taking a look at my playtest rules, but so far no concrete feedback about specific likes and dislikes.

And that’s about all I have in me to write right now. Have a great weekend!

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