Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moth to a flame

Every time I think I can just walk away from some project that I feel I have put enough into, I get drawn back in. Yep, I'm back to fleshing out Mutants & Marvels. But, thanks to comments from the one person who showed interest, I am now working on making it more generic. "Filing the serial numbers off" as it were.

I've already purged it of references to licensed products, more or less. The introduction still references the origins of the ideas, but I have added the appropriate "TM" to each licensed name. I figure the words "mutant" and "marvel" can't really be copyrighted unless using them to specifically reference a licensed representation of an idea.

I've even started working on artwork to replace the pilfered pictures I have. I'm going to try to maintain the basic idea behind each picture, but in an original way, with original characters. And speaking of which, I had the brilliant idea of integrating a Supers campaign idea I had as a setting included in the game. This gives me a stable of original heroes to use throughout. I say "original" because they aren't characters you've read about in the comics. Some of them are based on characters that I and my friends had created for other games, including the now-defunct *sniffle* City of Heroes MMO.

All-in-all, I'm kind of excited to be working on this again. I thought I was done. But really, when it comes to writing RPG material, I am coming up short on ideas in other areas, so why not? I mean, I would love to write a series of fantasy modules. But, whenever I try, I lose steam too fast. At least Mutants & Marvels apparently has some staying power in my head.

So, expect some updates in the near future as this project progresses. My next post about it will probably include some original art.


  1. Alright! I cannot wait to see how you develop this further

    1. Thanks for being my sole supporter! :)