Thursday, May 8, 2014

I’ll do it myself!

I am really getting into this whole idea of C&C game now. I tend to get obsessive when I latch onto an idea, so this is nothing new. The cool thing is that, according to people I know who play the game, you can pretty much do it all from the Player’s Handbook, though you may want to add the Monsters and Treasure book. And even then, converting from other editions is easy, so I could use one of the Monster Manuals I have in a pinch.

However, for the more advanced options, such as Skills and Feats (aka Advantages), you should get the Castle Keeper’s Guide. I would love to get it, and someday I just might. But right now, it’s a bit pricey, and finances being what they are, I am strapped. So, like I always do, I’m doing it myself.

To that end I took the basics that I jotted down in my last post, and refined them a bit into a (hopefully) workable system. I even created a list of skills, and designated which classes have which skills as class skills. Once I polish it up and make sure it meshes with the C&C rules, I will probably post it here, under my “My Products” page linked above.

For the Feats/Advantages, I think I will boil the Feat list from 3.5 down to some bare-bones options, and simplify the mechanics to be in line with C&C, and probably post that as well (maybe as part of the same document). Other than those two items, I will probably just stick to what’s in the PHB and go with that.

I’m also trying to decide what world to set my campaign in. The Slavers book is set in Greyhawk, and I’m inclined to just use that setting. However, I’m not all that familiar with it, so I may have to do some more reading. But, on a whim, I also began building my own, unique world. Just churning out ideas as they come, I have three pages of narratives, and a skeleton of an original pantheon of deities (basically just a list with the spheres of each noted). I did most of that this morning. It’s a slow day at work.

Now if I can just get my group to commit…

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