Wednesday, May 14, 2014


There’s a lot of talk going around in the limited RPG circles I run about D&D Next and the release dates. Word has it the “Starter Set” is due out in July, with the full Player’s Handbook coming a few months later. However, it’s the other piece of info that is being bandied around that has me concerned: Price.

According to the rumors (and they may be more than rumors at this point, I don’t know), the Core Rule Books (PHB, DMG, MM) will retail for $49.95 each. Basically, a $150 investment to get the “full” game. Ouch.

I have copies of almost every main rulebook from every edition of D&D. I have a copy of the Holmes Basic book, Moldvay’s Basic and Cook’s Expert books, Metzner’s Expert book (missing his Basic), the three core books each for AD&D, 2E, 3.5E, 4E (plus the PHB2 for 4E, since they couldn’t put my beloved half-orcs in the PHB…bastards), and various splat books and setting books for each edition. You could say I’m a bit of a collector (of a lot of RPG’s, not just D&D), but not that serious. At this point, I’m wondering if Next will be worth the cost to be a Completist.

I did partake in the playtest a bit. Our gaming group played an adventure using progressive revisions. I generally liked what I saw, but wasn’t really “wowed” by anything. It looks like a good edition for those just getting into the game, or even getting back into it. But, I didn’t see it doing anything significantly better than earlier editions, or even some of the retro-clones that have come out.

Take that with a grain of salt, as my experience was limited to one adventure, which we never actually finished, and that was RP-heavy (not a whole heck of a lot of dice-rolling and mechanics).

As of right now, I will probably invest in the Starter Set. At $19.95, it’s much more affordable, and may be all I would need. As I hear more about the Core books, and the rules that are going to be included, I may alter my views and leap in feet-first.


  1. I'm in for the starter set as well, but it's going to impact my decision to purchase the core books.

  2. I think that might the point of the Starter Set, to get newbies and those on the fence to at least try the game out before making a big investment. Its a good plan, in my opinion. $50 for a PHB is expensive for many gamers. WotC, however, will probably have a cheaper pdf version available (I hope).

  3. I'm not big on PDF's. I mean, I have a bunch, and they are good for reading and getting used to the rules. But for actual play, I much prefer a physical book in my hands. That being said, if one of my group decided to run a Next game, I might buy the PDF of the PHB, just so I have a reference for the rules.

  4. $50 seems to be the going rate for a full sized hardbound RPG rule book these days. Of course, in this case, we're talking about three books, but if Wizards is smart, they'll stick to the lessons they learned from 3rd and 4th and put all the basic rules needed to play on the PHB.

  5. I'm also on the fence about it. I might pick up the starter set, depending on the initial reviews of it, and how much of the game you actually get for those $20. But since the only time I might be playing it is if my schedule changes enough to allow me time to game FtF (which is not likely), I doubt I'll be playing it.