Friday, August 1, 2014

Zine-O-Morph Issue 1

My fanzine's first issue is about 75% complete. I've done the intro, the new monster, and the adventure. Now I need to write up some cool new items (magic and/or mundane), and do a short fiction related to the theme of "low level underdark" and all of the text will be finished. From there I need to put together a couple of pieces of artwork, including something that works as a color cover, and then edit it all together.

As always, artwork is my one stumbling block. I know I can probably do it myself, but I never feel like my art is good enough. However, I don't have many options in that regard, so I will just have to muscle through.

In other news, I recently scored copies of the Fiend Folio and Oriental Adventures books from 1st Edition, both in pristine condition, and both for $4 each. I'm really excited about those, especially the OA book. I have always loved Oriental settings, and this was a favorite of mine back in the day. I never got to really play in Kara-Tur, but I read a lot of the stuff related to it. I was also in a long-running campaign of L5R many years ago, and totally dug that (which was probably why I didn't mind the 3e OA book using Rokugen as the setting).

Flipping through that book has me thinking about 5e, and the possibility of a new OA sourcebook. The concensus among those that follow 5e's development is that it's probably not even on the horizon. And of course, because I am me, that sparked the idea of doing one myself. At least creating 5e compatible classes based on the OA book. I'll probably put that together at my leisure. And who knows, maybe if WotC releases some kind of OGL for 5e that would allow me to publish it, I can put it out on RPGNow. Either way, it'll be a fun exercise.

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