Monday, March 23, 2015

Gearing up for Gary Con

This Friday I will be neck deep in gaming goodness.  Although I’d love to go for all four days (maybe next year?), we can only do three.  So, Friday morning we’ll get up, drop my son off at the bus stop, and then head out for Lake Geneva, stopping for a nice breakfast on the way.  Our first games aren’t until noon, so we should have plenty of time to browse and maybe do some shopping.

I’m probably not going to buy much this year.  Last year we kind of went all out and got two signed poster prints by Larry Elmore.  I also bought the Castles & Crusades PHB. And I think we bought a couple of other things.  This time, I might get some new dice, maybe a fig or two, but not much else.  I already have a ton of games I need to get rid of.  And with us moving at the end of summer, I want to keep my purchases to a minimum.

That being said, if I see something that I HAVE to have, I’ll probably grab it if I can.

Over all, I’m really looking forward to the games I am in.  I’m still a little bummed that they are all fantasy, but they at least all sound interesting.

Was discussing the future of Mutants & Marvels with the wife yesterday.  I think for Gamehole Con, I’d like to run a game.  The idea makes me nervous, as I don’t consider myself a very good GM.  Plus, if it’s a bad experience, I have no one to blame but me, since I can’t even blame anyone else for writing a shitty game.  But, it’s a great way to get the exposure it would need to generate interest.

I’m still working on updating the game file.  And it will be published in print in a new, larger format.  I have ideas for more content, such as expanding the setting enclosed a bit, adding some named NPC characters, and some mundane locations and such.  But, the main thing I want to do is have some real, comic book-quality artwork.

I have been considering the idea of crowdfunding the costs to hire a good artist.  No idea how much that would be, so I can’t decide if it would be worth it.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to do some myself, and see how that turns out.

Fun time to be a gamer, I’d say!

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