Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To boldly go...and clean house

This is pretty much what the USS Steve Rogers looks like.
On a whim, I downloaded Star Trek Online, and started playing it.  I had been hesitant, because the idea of playing a bridge officer on a starship just seemed kind of silly.  And honestly, the setup was a bit forced, but very much in line with the melodrama that is Star Trek.  The whole time I kept hearing Sulu in my head saying "So much for a little training cruise.."

Speaking of Sulu, his grandson, Akira, is a contact at the Spaceport.  And that's just one of the many references to Star Trek canon.  Overall, it's a pretty fun little game.  And just like any MMO, when you are in a "central hub" type of area, there are all kinds of characters standing around where, in "real life" there wouldn't be.  The cool thing is that, in many instances, those "characters" are starships.  It's pretty neat to see the different ships, and see what people name them.  I'm currently in a modified Miranda-class called the USS Steve Rogers.

I think my only complaint is the starship combat is a bit funky, because all of your movements are on the keyboard, or you are clicking on icons, all the while trying to keep your camera faced in the right direction so you can see what you are shooting at.  I might play with it some, and see if I can streamline how things work.  But, it's workable for now.  Anyways, if you play, look me up.  I'm tyler@gotstsu005.

I also started cleaning up my various books and such.  I have a bunch of paperbacks that I trying to sell.  A lot of Robert E. Howard, since I have most of the Del Rey collection already.  And now I am thinking of doing to same with some of my RPGs.  I have various old games hidden here and there around our house, not to mention what's out in storage.  And these are all games I know I will never play again, if I ever played them at all.

For my paperbacks I created another page on my other blog to list them on.  I might do the same here for my games.  So, if you stop by sometime, and see a tab at the top for "Used Games" or some such, that's what it will be.  Otherwise, I may just list them on Amazon.

Not much to report on the game-writing front.  I have been a bit pre-occupied with life and especially school.  I am in my final class for my masters in History.  And next month I will be taking a short exam prep course, that will culminate in taking a comprehensive exam.  Started doing some research on that yesterday, and just about broke out in a cold sweat.  I am horrible at remembering names and dates (a bad trait for a History major).  So, this will be a struggle for me.  But, once that is done, I am sure I will get to more writing of all kinds.

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