Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zine-O-Morph #2 Finally available!

After some consideration, deliberation, and procrastination, I finally put Zine-O-Morph #2 up at RPGNow.  It comes in a bit slimmer than #1 (26 pages, including the cover), but I think the content is solid.  I actually took a couple of pieces out that seemed to be too much for this undertaking.  I might make them PWYW offerings later.  Anyways, here's the skinny on #2:

The second issue of Zine-O-Morph serves as a primer for playing military-themed games, particularly in a Science Fiction setting.  The focus is on infantry-level play, but with some ideas that are universal to any military RPG.

Inside you will find details on command structure, rank, jargon and lingo, and the Phonetic Alphabet.  Also included is a section on running mercenaries and a mercenary game, and two new alien races to integrate as you see fit.  And, as a bonus, a short piece of military action fiction.

One thing to note, I have the price marked as $2.99 on the cover, but it's only $1.99.  If I do future issues, I will probably just stick with the $1.99 price point.  Especially if this issue sells as well as the first.

(As an aside, fellow Army grunts from a few years back might recognize the inspiration for the cover image.)

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