Thursday, October 8, 2015

Martial Arts Mayhem!

Finally decided it was time to just put it out there.  My latest product is a simple, rules-lite tactical game of martial arts combat. 

From the description:
Fists & Fury is a tactical combat game where the players create their indivudal fighters through a simple process, and pit them against each other in one-on-one, or even group combat, utilizing a hex-grid and tokens.  Included are rules for:
  • Building a unique Fighter
  • Creating a unique style
  • Advice on setting up duels and tournaments
  • Advice on how to expand F&F into a full-on RPG
  • Adding and using weapons
Designed to be a "beer & pretzels" game with minimal preparation, F&F is flexible enough to handle most any style of play you can imagine within the genre.

Available at RPGNow!


  1. I curious about one thing: i can play Street Fighter with this rules?

    1. I would think you could. Just a matter of building the fighters, and modeling their special attacks properly.