Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Memories: In a galaxy...

My character looked a little like this.
I think I missed one or two of these over the holidays, but here I am again. This time, I shall recall some memories of a Star Wars game.

When the d20 Star Wars RPG came out, most of us in my circle of gamers were ecstatic. I think we all bought a copy of the main book (and a couple of us even bought the revised one, when Ep 2 came out). If memory serves, there were two campaigns started. For the sake of having something to talk about later, I will stick to the first one here.

I don't remember the exact situation the GM put together, but I do remember my character. Now, I have to start here with a bit of disclosure. I'm one of the few people who didn't find the Gungans in Episode I all that annoying. Honestly, I didn't even find Jar Jar that annoying at first. It was with the passage of time and subsequent viewing that I began loathing him. But the Gungans themselves have always been cool to me.

To that end, my first character was a Gungan soldier. I don't remember his name, but I do remember two things about him. First, the GM allowed him to have recovered and refurbished a STAP from the Battle of Naboo (the hover-cycles that the droids rode). This was his personal vehicle, and he stored it on the ship the party used. And second, I decided that he was kind of a badass, so when he spoke, he sounded like Clint Eastwood talking like a Gungan. In an early encounter, we were in a cantina on Tatooine, when someone suspicious approached us. I stood up, confronted them, and said "Whoosa ah yousa?" Now, say that in Clint's voice.

Yeah, that was promising to be a fun adventure. Too bad it fell apart not far into it. That seems to have happened a lot in those days. The group did pick up the game much later, but with all new characters. I'll talk about my part in that some other time.

As to the game itself, I am an unabashed fan of 3.x/d20, so I thought it fit really well. I wanted to try a force-wielding character, and seeing those who did, I was convinced that the system handled that aspect wonderfully. All in all, I would still play that game again. Unfortunately, I don't own the books anymore. But, Fantasy Flight now has the license, so I wonder how they are doing it...

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