Thursday, January 2, 2014


Over the course of this holiday season I have watched the entire first season of Justice League Unlimited on Netflix, and am already started on season 2. First of all I have to admit that, even though I consider myself a Marvel fan, DC has always been better in the animation area. Only recently have Marvel cartoons been any good. But JL and JLU have always been good, as has most incarnations of Batman. Even the DTV features are pretty excellent.

Anyways, all of this superhero action, combined with my desire to play RPG's other than D&D, has me dusting off an old idea for a supers game. The whole flavor is a combination of The Justice League, The Avengers, and the City of Heroes MMO. The setting is the fictitious city of New Sparta, Delaware, and the main characters are a new generation of heroes, brought together after a recent supers war left the ranks of the Justice Avengers* decimated.

Right now I'm looking at either Mutants & Masterminds (1E, since it's what I own), or the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes RPG. I am going to create the characters myself, and let the players choose who they want to play (assuming I can gather a playing group), so I will stat them out for both systems.

I'm also going to try to do artwork for each, since one of the things I would like to do this year is more drawing. If anyone is interested, I'll post updates about this project here for your amusement.

*The Justice Avengers was my supergroup in City of Heroes. They actually nerfed the name, since they had a badge called that in the game. I can't remember what we renamed it to, but we always referred to ourselves as the Justice Avengers, in homage to both the Marvel and DC groups.

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