Friday, April 25, 2014


Is that even a word? It is now, dammit!

I haven't been around much lately (as I'm sure exactly 18 people might have noticed). Well, actually that's not true. I've been around every day. I just haven't had much to say lately.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the right to talk about OSR games. I mean, I haven't played anything older than 3E (aside from a Star Frontiers game at Gary Con this year) in decades. I have bought, downloaded, and dug up my old copies of a bunch of games. I have made plans, written content, and even rolled up characters. But, I haven't actually played anything other than the current 3.5 game with my group.

I had a good run for a bit with my "Monday Memories" posts. That was a fun exercise, but at the same time it was a bit depressing. I quickly discovered that, despite 30 years of experience with RPG's, I don't have a whole lot of standout memories. At least not about specific games. Most of my great memories are about the good times I had, and the overall feeling of satisfaction I have always gotten from a good gaming session with friends.

And I guess that's what is important. Having fun. I see that sentiment in response to a lot of "edition war" discussions. There are always a couple of extremists on either side of the debate, but the majority of people seem to have a "Who cares? As long as it's fun!" attitude.

So, anyways, this is in no way a "signing off" letter. This blog will be around for a while longer. This is just me being sentimental and introspective. I do that a lot, as anyone who has followed my other blog can attest. I have been known to get downright whiny over there. I'll try not to do that here.

I'm still plugging away at the various projects I have going on. And also trying to get myself to simply write more. Today I started laying out a short story for a specific, game-related market. We'll see how that turns out.


  1. Personally, I like when you talk about the OSR - even if you don't have as much hands on experience with it as you'd like.

  2. I second what Charles said, I enjoy it when you post about OSR. While you may have not played with the dusty tomes of yesteryear that hardly disqualifies you from sharing your gaming stuff you get excited about. There are many grognards out there can bore us with shitty attitudes and edition bashing, but its a game, its fun. Sometimes a voice that hasn't been steeped in the Red Box talking about old school gaming is what is needed. Sometimes we old gamers can't get out of our own way. So post away Brother Tom. Don't be shy. Step right up and let it rip.

  3. I feel a lot like this sometimes too. I don't have much time to game these days at all, and I think maybe I don't have as much to say about games as I thought I did. Or maybe I just don't know what I could or should say. At any rate, I enjoy reading what you have to say, and I hope to be reading those things for a long time to come.

  4. Thanks, guys! I guess I kinda needed some validation. :)