Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ye Olde Avengers!

Image taken from Geek tyrant and cropped.

So, as an exercise in goofiness, I got to thinking how one could replicate the signature weapons and abilities of the Avengers as high-level magic items in D&D (3.xE)...

Iron Armor of Freedom
This suit of gold and crimson plate armor grants the wearer a +8 to AC, and Magic Resistance of 8. Additionally, all armor penalties normally associated with plate armor are reduced to zero. The Armor grants the wearer the following spell-like abilities:

• Flight – As a free action, the wearer may cast Flight on himself. The duration of the spell is twelve hours total, after which it must recharge for twelve more hours before it can be cast again.

• Gauntlets of Scorching Rays – Once every other round, the wearer can fire a single Scorching Ray from each hand.

• Protection from Elements – The armor affords the wearer immunity to extremes of temperature, the ability to breathe without air (underwater, etc.), and 60’ of Darkvision.

• Giant Strength – The wearer of the armor gains a +4 to his Strength score.

Shield of Justice
This shield is indestructible, and grants the wielder a +4 to his AC. Additionally, the shield also has the following magical properties:

• Thrown Weapon of Returning – The shield can be thrown at a target up to 100’ away with no penalties, and it will always return to the wielder at the end of the round. Anything struck by the shield in this manner suffers 1d8+4 (plus Str Mod) damage, and must make a Strength Check (DC 10 +damage) or be knocked prone.

• Shield of Melee – The wielder of the shield may make a free shield bash attack without penalty for 1d8+4 (plus Str Mod) damage, in addition to his normal attacks. If the other hand is empty, the wielder may make an additional shield bash per round.

• Damage Absorption – Any attack that hits the wielder’s AC, minus the +4 shield bonus, is assumed to hit the shield, and all damage rolled is absorbed by the shield instead of the wielder.
Example: If the wielder’s AC is 18 without the shield, then any attack that rolls an 19-22 will hit the shield instead, and the wielder suffers no damage.

This hammer is identical to a Hammer of Thunderbolts, with the following changes:

• Twice per day, the wielder of the Stormhammer may cast Call Lightening, Lightening Bolt, or Chain Lightening as if he were a caster of equal level.

• The wielder does not require the wearing of a Belt of Giant Strength and Gauntlets of Ogre Power to gain the additional bonuses from Thundering.

Widow’s Bracers
These magical bracers grant the wearer a +4 to Dexterity, and have the following abilities:

• As a free action, the Bracers can summon forth a pair of magical hand-crossbows that have unlimited ammunition, and require no reloading. Additionally, the bolts from these weapons deal 1d4+2 magical damage, and the wearer can wield both at the same time without penalty, gaining one extra shot per round.

• Widow’s Sting – The Bracers function identically to Gauntlets of Shocking Grasp.

Unerring Bow of the Hawk’s Eye
This magical bow allows any character to fire it as if he were a Fighter of equal level. The bow is a +2 weapon, and grants the benefits of the Rapid Fire and Point Blank Shot feats. The quiver is Everful, and each round the firer may select one arrow to have one of the following qualities:

• Explosive – A successful hit deals an additional 2d6 fire damage.
• Grappling – The arrow may trail a thin, 100' line that can hold up to 1000 pounds.
• Web – A successful hit envelopes the target in a sticky web, as per the Web spell.
• Shocking – A successful hit deals an additional 2d6 electrical damage.

Ring of Unfettered Rage
The wearer of this ring gains the Rage ability as if he were a Barbarian of equal level, with the following additions:

• Growth – When the rage ability is activated, the wearer grows to twice his normal size, gaining the benefits of the Growth Spell, in addition to the benefits of Rage. However, clothing or armor worn do not grow with the character, and must be removed or it will be destroyed.
• Toughness – The wearer gains a +4 to his AC, and 8 Damage reduction
• While enraged, the character’s skin will turn green, and he will gain a +4 to any Intimidation checks.

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