Sunday, July 27, 2014

5b Character

This guy!
Yesterday I rolled up my first character for 5b (Basic Rules) from scratch. Rather than use a printed character sheet, I decided to go all old-school and use a blank sheet of notebook paper. This was mainly in response to some complaints I have seen about 5e in general. The complaints arise from the "wall of text" that is the pregens and sample characters that come with the Starter Set, and the various previews.

I based my character on a miniature that I have had for a few years that was supposed to be my character for a 4e game that never came to pass. The character is wearing a hooded cloak, some kind of plated armor, and carrying a maul. So, I decided to make him a cleric, since I wanted to take another step away from the typical "fighter-type" that I usually play.

In short, the process was very simple and intuitive, and really, nothing seemed odd or particular complex to me. Well, I did have one quibble: The maul is a Martial weapon, so my cleric doesn't have proficiency with it. Still, with a 17 STR (he's human) he has a +3 to hit. Not bad for a 1st level character. Anyways, once I was done, I compared my resultant sheet to an old 2e character I had laying around from years and years ago, and the 5b sheet was more or less the same in complexity. The pregen sheets are obviously misleading to some people.

I think I'm really going to like playing 5e. That's a far cry from where I stood on it a couple of months ago. Now I just want the PHB to come out so I can see what the other races and classes look like.

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