Saturday, July 12, 2014

More and more!

Here is the cover.
I had planned to publish Mutants & Marvels yesterday, but this week I have been adding a bunch of stuff, doing some overlooked edits, and writing a short, sample adventure to include.  Some of the edits shortened the page-count a bit, but then I added more stuff, and after the adventure is inserted, the whole thing might actually be closer to 45 pages.  Not too shabby, I say.

I also played around with Lulu yesterday, and I think I can get it published in print for pretty cheap.  So, while the PDF will be available through RPGNow for about $3.99 (though I might bump that a bit, since it is a stand-alone rather than a supplement like my other stuff), I may have the print version available through Lulu for just a bit more.

Speaking of Lulu, I set up my PDF of Stars Without Number as a hardback print, and it came out fairly cheap.  I used that as a way to learn how Lulu works, and it came out pretty nice.  So, I will probably be having that printed soon.

Has anyone played SWN?  I love the whole idea, and it looks pretty well-done.  I've been itching for some Sci-Fi gaming, but the only game I own is Star Frontiers.  Not that SF isn't made of awesome, but I would like some options.  You know, just in case I manage to get anyone else interested in playing...

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