Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Mutants & Marvels are coming!

I sent out a copy of my final product to a few people for some feedback the other day. Still waiting to hear back from a couple before I publish it. In the meantime, I re-wrote the Introduction page, removing all of the first-person nostalgia story, and making it a bit more like a real game intro. This freed up some space.

I decided to insert a concise description of the core mechanic. It occurred to me the other day that I never fully explained exactly how it worked. Granted, it's a pretty simple mechanic that has been used since the OGL came out in the early 2000's. But, it never hurts to spell it out so there is no confusion.

Graphically, I fixed some problems. I have also fixed the "vanishing leg" problem that D-Man was having in the colored image I posted last time. And lastly, I re-used that image inside for the "team" picture I mentioned before. I struggled for a long while over that picture, and it was getting too frustrating to deal with.

I think my only regret about this whole thing is that the picture of Diana on the cover is the only picture of a female hero in the entire thing. I'm considering working on some more art, and maybe getting some from outside sources. I'm also considering fleshing out the setting into an actual setting, rather than just the "framework" version I included. And maybe even writing a sample adventure. Then combining all of this into a Deluxe Edition of the game to be sold separately. Anyone who buys this edition will probably get a code to redeem for a discount on a Deluxe Edition.

Right now it weighs in at a slim 40 pages from cover to cover, with a price point of $3.99 most likely. I'm going to look into how much a printed copy from Lulu would cost at that page count. If nothing else, I'll probably get one made for myself.

Exciting times!

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