Monday, September 15, 2014

In the proverbial can

...more or less.

Issue #1 is all done. I even wrote a short, 1-page afterword for it today. All I need to do now is get the final artwork from the DeviantArtist. I had initially given up on that, thinking he had decided not to do it, since he hadn't responded as I thought he would. But, last night I was pleasantly surprised to find a first draft of the drawing in my email. It looks fantastic. And after a couple of aesthetic modifications, it should fit in quite nicely. I think in the future, if I decide to commission artwork, I will do it earlier in the process, and have more patience.

As I have mentioned before, the plan for issue #2 is already underway. I have a general outline of the main article, some ideas for new races, and an idea for what to do for new items. In a complete 180' from issue #1, I already have the fiction written. It's an older vignette that I had written with no plan as to what to do with it. So, I finished it, edited it, polished it up, and now it's sitting in the working file for the zine issue.

This whole process has been a bit of a learning experience, and one that I have enjoyed. It's been nice to see support from fellow bloggers and zine-makers. In this age of (relatively) easy self-publishing, there are a lot of zines out there. And that fact almost made me falter. But, I persevered, and am going to go ahead and stick it out there. If it falls flat, no big deal. At least I tried, right?

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