Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gary Con 2015

Finally got around to buying our passes and getting the hotel room for Gary Con 2015.  So, we are now committed.  For three days (March 27-29, can't make the 26th for work reasons), we will be in Lake Geneva, WI, playing games, meeting Geek Stars (not to be confused with Rock Stars), and generally having a great time.

This year I am going to aim for some non-fantasy gaming.  Last year I got into a Star Frontiers game, and it was a hoot!  The guy runs the same excellent game every year, so I probably won’t go for that again, but something similar would be cool.  I am definitely going to aim for a Supers game of some kind.  And if I can get into a Marvel Super Heroes game, that would be aces.  Other than that, I’m pretty open.

I had thought about running a game this time, but decided against it.  First of all, I just don’t have the time to prepare anything.  Plus, I’m more of a player than GM, and frankly running a game for strangers makes me nervous.  I’m actually kind of introverted, and I get stage fright easily.  So, I’ll just stick to being a player.

My wife is still thinking of running a Dragon Age game.  She was intending to run something she came up with on her own, but now that time is short, she’s thinking she might run a published module.  She has a few options there.  Her game at Gamehole Con last year was a hit, so I know she will do well either way she goes with it.

We bought regular badges, so there won’t be any special events on our schedule.  And that’s fine.  While it’s very cool to be able to say that I have gamed with Dave Cook and Mike Mentzer, I’m more than happy to just pass some time with friends among my peers that I haven’t met yet.  So, if you are headed to Gary Con, maybe we’ll run into each other.

In other gaming news, an old friend of mine from City of Heroes bought a print copy of Mutants & Marvels, and has now gathered a few others from the CoH group on Facebook to do an online game, possibly once a month, and probably through Roll20.  I’ve never played in that format, so that should be interesting.  But more than that, I am eager to see what people think of my take on the classic MSH game.  So far, feedback has been pretty positive.

Speaking of the feedback, some of it has given me ideas for my special M&M issue of Zine-O-Morph.  Not sure when that will become a reality, but it’s still on the to-do list.

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