Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More HeroQuest Stuff

Wow, my last post was pretty popular.  Apparently a lot of people still like HeroQuest.  Neat!

My son demanded another game the very next night.  So, after some housework, I indulged.  This second session went much smoother.  I think he's addicted, since we are already planning to make this a regular thing on Wednesdays when it's just me and him in the house for the evening.

After I started looking around for replacement Barbarian and Elf figures, I realized that all of the characters included in the game are male.  Being the progressively-minded gamer I am, I decided that just wasn’t fair!  What if my 12-year old daughter decided she wanted to play with her brother?  Well, I would need female variations, of course. 

So, just under $30 later, I will be receiving six new figs from Reaper Miniatures in the mail next week.  Then it’s off to Michael’s for some cheap acrylic paints and assorted brushes (because these will be handled by children, then tossed back in the box, for the most part).  I plan to enlist my wife in painting these.

I also found a website, Ye Olde Inn, that has a lot of fan-made resources, as well as official stuff from outside the US.  Including a manual on creating your own maps and adventure.  Man, what a rabbit-hole!

Thankfully, I also have the two expansions that came out here in the states, so I will have enough adventures to last for a good, long time.

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