Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here all week...

For those of you who don't know, this week is Read An RPG In Public Week.  To that end, I will be taking my newly aquired Star Frontiers - Knight Hawks book out to lunch with me.  Picked it up yesterday at Half-Price Books for $9.99 (along with a copy of the novel of The Maltese Falcon and the Special Edition DVD of Arnold's Total Recall, for $2 each), and it's in practically mint condition.  They also had the big map for the board game, but I couldn't see paying $7.99 for that.

I am damn-near obsessed with Star Frontiers these days, and am jonesing to play it.  I'm really hoping I can get a game together.  Like I said before, even a one-shot would be cool.

I have also been putting some thought into the Life of Rage RPG, specifically the OSR version.  If you've looked at it, you can see that it's really just a supplement to be used with the Moldvay/Cook books.  However, I have been inspired by Blueholme and Mazes & Perils, and am thinking about expanding it to being a fully functioning, OGL game that requires no other books or materials.  It might be more than I am prepared to do in the end, but right now the idea sounds kind of cool.

And finally, we'll be playing 5E again this Sunday.  That's the fourth weekend in a row.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Based on some things that happened in the last session, I have focused my character a bit more in my mind.  I know that the main purpose of this is to test the rules, but I can't help but want to explore the character aspects that have nothing to do with any specific rules.

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