Monday, July 22, 2013

More 5E and Writing

We managed to gather for another session of 5E this weekend.  There were a couple of new players, and really it might have been just a bit too much.  One player had her character perform a single action during the course of the evening.  I felt bad for her.  The character was a cool concept, but was out of her element in a haunted keep with a mystery to solve.

The other new character was iffy.  He was a half-orc monk (a combo I always liked), but he didn't really play him how one would expect a monk to be played.  He acted more rogue-ish, using persuasion to get the unwise fighter to do questionable stuff.  Regardless, it was still a fun time.  Many jokes were thrown about, including a reference to Conan the Librarian.

Speaking of 5E and playing your character well, there is an article over at Wizards about Roleplaying, and how it will be encouraged and handled in 5E.  If you have your doubts about the Roleplay aspect of 5E (or any edition), I suggest you check it out.  It's well-written, and has me just that much more in support of this whole thing.

Over in the Star Frontiers section of my brain, I'm dreaming up some ideas for adventures to write, as well as other content for that game.  I think once we get settled into our new apartment (moving at the end of this month), I might see about starting a Star Frontiers game.  Not sure how I will do that, as my schedule is usually pretty full, and my wife already has plans to eventually run a Shadowrun game.  But, I will still give it a shot.  Even if it's just a few one-shots and whatnot.

I've thought about trying to get into a Skype game or some other online format.  But with a 4-year old kid around, and my computer being in the living room, I doubt I would get the privacy I would need to do so.

We'll just have to see.

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