Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gonna stick it out there

I came to a decision about Hero's Journey today. After looking at the whole thing from different angles, I've decided to just post the whole damn thing for free here. And I might even list it at RPGNow as a PWYW game.

The main reason I am doing this is because it is pretty rough, untested, and kind of incomplete. I have a lot of stuff in there (about 40 pages), but it still needs a lot more to be a real game.

I finished entering the monster list today, and while I was doing that I realized it was kind of missing stuff. It's in a table format, which didn't allow much room for flavor text or descriptions. The table is really there to illustrate how to convert monsters from other editions to Hero's Journey to make them compatible with the new combat rules I came up with. The rest relies on the GM looking at other resources for specifics (I used the Moldvay/Cook books for my references). And that's no way to format a professional game.

I know that a lot of the sections will probably seem incomplete to another readers. Everything is crystal clear to me, but I have the advantage of knowing what I wanted to say, and not just what I actually wrote. Most of the new stuff is a combination of old house rules and ideas that have been percolating in my head for years. This game was my way of putting them all on paper and seeing if I could make them all mesh. I think I succeeded, but I will never know until A) I play test the rules, and B) other people play test them and send me feedback.

So, I will work up a decent cover image, and then format it all for public consumption soon. I'll probably print a copy out myself and see if I can coerce someone to play it with me. Yeah, good luck with that!

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