Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pay What You Want?

So, I've had a little bit of experience with RPGNow's PWYW feature now. I put Attack of the Furryons! out in that format, and I have actually had a handful of people pay the suggested $1 price tag for it. So far, no one has reviewed it, but that's not a big deal for that one. The supplement for my Life of Rage - OSR Edition, Qruzlat, has seen almost no movement at all. So, today I converted it to a PWYW as well. We'll see how that goes.

Which brings me to Hero's Journey. I am almost done with the writing. Right now I have to convert the monster list from the original listings to HJ stats, and it's ready to go. I also reduced the list from 100 monsters to 50. Now, what I am thinking of doing is publishing it as a PWYW version, without any art (though I'll probably do a simple cover to catch the eye), and maybe offer a fixed price version once I can get some drawings done for it. The fixed price version will probably also include a bunch of new info, and maybe a workable setting to use.

Anyways, this past weekend, we got to play another session of our D&D Next game. I'm liking the system, and am kind of excited to get the final version when it's released next year. It seems to have a good blend of later edition crunch, combined with the early editions' simplicity and flexibility.

On a somewhat related front, before the D&D Next game, I had a fun little discussion with the DM about the various Warhammer games, and I brought up the fact that I own a copy of Dark Heresy from Fantasy Flight Games. Which, of course, lead me to taking it out and reading through some of it. And now I want to play. It's too bad my current gaming group seems to have no interest in anything but D&D. And really, just the one campaign, with some side-sessions of Next playtest.

Sometimes I forget that there is a whole slew of other games out there that I like to play, or want to play. Especially here on this blog. I need to remedy that. So, future posts will most likely step away from D&D and OSR, and chit-chat about some of the other games I love.


  1. hehe Tom add links to your stuff so we can make an easy grab and snag.

    1. Added Qruzlat to the "My Products" tab above. I had forgotten to add that when I replaced it over there ->