Monday, March 24, 2014

Gary Con bound!

So, this coming weekend is Gary Con. I’m very excited! This will be my second gaming convention. Ok, technically my third. But the one Gen Con I was able to go to was as a vendor (I worked for ACD Distribution). So, I don’t really count that one.

My wife and I will be headed over Friday morning (it’s about an hour from our home), and spending the first half of the day on the dealer floor and just getting our bearings. Then we have a DragonAge RPG in the afternoon. After that, it’s party-time in celebration of my wife’s March birthday. Like D&D, she turned 40 years young this year. Probably a nice dinner, some bar-hopping, and whatever else comes up.

Saturday is busy with two games. A Star Frontiers game and a Castles & Crusades game. Saturday night is open. We might see if we can get a pick-up together with the friends we have that will be joining us, or maybe drop in on an open game somewhere.

Sunday we’re doing a panel on publishing (more for me, but she likes that stuff too). Then it’s off home Sunday afternoon, probably with a stop at some nice roadside diner.

I’m hoping to be able to pick up some cool gaming stuff. Maybe get an art print signed, if something grabs my eye. Probably a new set of dice. Because, why not?

So, is anyone else going?

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