Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Making Art and stuff

So, I am hip-deep in the Life of Rage retro-clone. Most of the text is done, and the list of things to add is almost completely crossed off. Right now I am working on finishing up the Monster section, and all I need to do for that is transcribe my hand-written stats to the stat blocks, then fill out the descriptive text for about 2/3 of the entries.

I've also started in on some artwork. I had a few pictures done before, so I am adding them in where I can. And now I'm crossing pictures off of my list as I complete them. Although this morning I realized that it would be nice to have some pictures of monsters too. So, I will be working on some of those as well.

Just for a small taste, here are a couple of the sketches I have done. I'm going to go mostly with a "clean pencil" style for the illustrations. I like that look, and it kind of feels like what players would do.

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