Friday, August 30, 2013

Basic Arcana 2.0

Today I was looking at some of the stuff I have written and created, and it suddenly hit me that I have done a lot of D&D-inspired artwork in the past, and that it's all up on my DeviantArt page. Holy crap! I have a source of artwork for Basic Arcana right there on my hard drive, and on the web!

So, I started re-tooling the whole thing, and replaced the copyrighted art with my own. I ended up using two pieces of public domain art as well, but the rest is all mine. I'm planning on publishing it at RPGNow, but a few things are in order.

First off, aside from the shiny art, I will work on some new ideas for content. I mean, why would anyone bother grabbing that if they can just get a free version here?

Also, I may try that whole "Pay what you like" system. Has anyone else used it? What kind of response do you get?

In other news, I was in a bit of a gamer funk this morning. I had a very "why do I bother" attitude towards gaming. It was mainly out of frustration about not being able to play much, and from the fact that no one among my friends seems interested in the OSR movement at all. So, I started wondering if I should just quit writing stuff, and coming up with ideas.

I dunno. I will probably continue to write stuff, and just enjoy the gaming I do get. And hope that maybe I can find some OSR game around here. I thought about doing something online with Skype or G+, but with a 4-year old that is constantly asking to use my computer, I don't see that being a possibility. But, who knows? Maybe if I get that netbook up and running...

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