Saturday, August 31, 2013

Busy day

First of all, I updated the cover for Life of Rage OSR Edition.  The link on the right is accurate.  And it's still only $4.99!  Get it now!

Spent a lot of time on Basic Arcana 2.0 today.  Made some edits on existing content, cleaned up a couple of the pictures, and wrote an entire new section.  Page count is still only at 16 pages total.  But, I like this thing.  If/When I get to run a B/X game, this will be included.

Once I get to work on Monday Tuesday, and have access to the proper PDF program, I will put it out there at RPGNow.  The version I have here will still be available for free, but it won't have all of the content, or my artwork in it.  But don't worry, 2.0 will still be pretty cheap.

Finally getting around to reading the articles in Gygax Magazine #1.  Very cool stuff.  I need to get out and grab a print copy of #2 now.

Anyways, don't forget that tomorrow I start the 30-day D&D Challenge.  See you then!


  1. Is the artwork inside Gygax Magazine #1 as good as the cover or did it drop off substantially the further in you went?

  2. I think it stands up. The production values are on par with Dragon during its heyday of the late 80's and early 90's, as far as I can see. Very old school feel.