Monday, August 26, 2013

Shifting focus...again.

Stars of Fortune is on hold for now. I have done a lot, and there's really not much else to do. But at this time, I feel like my energy could be better spent on other things. Of course, that's just code for "My inner raccoon is getting bored."

So, I am moving on to another project that has been burning a hole in my brain: My very own, complete OD&D Retroclone.

I know, I know. There's about a dozen or more out there that I already know of, and probably dozens more that I don't. But, the idea of re-writing those classic rules, and putting my own spin on a few of the basic concepts, is just too tempting. So, I'm going to go for it.

We'll see how far I get before I see something else that shines...

In other news, we had game on Friday. Basically this was a big battle with a vampire queen and a few of her choice minions. We lived, though my NPC follower died in the second round. Fortunately, we had picked up a magic standard that allowed a certain number of instant resurrections, based on the number of "rays" coming from the sun. We're running out of rays...

But, we lived, we defeated the minions, and we almost defeated the queen. We left off in an empty maze-room, and the notion that she had retreated to lick her wounds, and that we needed to find and destroy her while she was weak. Hopefully that will happen in a couple of weeks, and we can leave this cursed island and get back to destroying the plague-lords!

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