Monday, February 1, 2016

Gary Con 2016

Hello all!  Long time no see.  Been busy with real world issue lately, and haven’t had much time to even think about gaming stuff except for the current Dragon Age campaign.  That’s going nicely.  Admittedly, some nights I have a hard time focusing, and I’m not always thrilled with the character I chose to play.  But the story is fun, so it’s all good.

Anyways, what I have done lately is registered for games at Gary Con.  In just over a month, I will be spending a large portion of a 72-hour period playing various RPG’s.  Last year at Gamehole, I got my first taste of the Adventurer’s League, and what that entails.  At Gary Con this year, I decided to take that one step further, and try playing the same character through an entire story-arc, which is 5 separate adventures.

Once more my wife is running several games.  She is running three Dragon Age games, along with a FATE Core game where the characters are 8-bit video game characters.  This one is geared for younger players, which is a niche that we found lacking at Gamehole.  My 13-year old daughter will be in on that, as well the afore-mentioned AL games with me.

This year I am also taking part in a 2-part story run by a friend of mine, using the Marvel Heroic RPG (Margaret Weis Prod.).  He gave me an advance choice on characters.  His nephew might show up, and he has dibs on Captain America.  Cap is my favorite, but if he’s not available I will be playing Thor.  The adventure involves Ultron, so verily, it shall be a grand adventure worthy of the son of Odin!

Now, while I’m sure the venue will be as awesome as always (they’ve moved to a larger facility this year), the registration process left a lot to be desired.  Aside from the hackers who tried to cheat the system, the way the whole registration process worked was clunky.  Of course, much of that was tainted by me having to try to juggle two schedules (mine and my daughter’s) at the same time.  Because I bought her ticket under my account, I basically had to register both of us simultaneously.  This often meant grabbing two tickets per game for several games.

But, that stress is over now, so I can sit back, and wait giddily for March to roll around.  Anyone else going to Lake Geneva next month?

Edit:  Fixed that hilarious typo in the title.  :D