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Age of the Sword
Age of the Sword

Grab a broadsword and a flagon of wine, and seek adventure in an age undreamed of!


Hero's Journey
Available though RPGNow for $1!

My attempt to create a retro-clone has resulted in a large mass of house-rules and new ideas. Take a look. You might find something useful, or you might not. Either way, you lose nothing.

Basic Arcana
Available now at!

Add to your OSR game with some or all of these additional features:

•Racial Class variants
•2 New (yet familiar) races
•2 New Classes
•Rules for types of followers
•Rules for simplified Mass Combat
•Plus a lot more…

Basic Arcana is designed to give players and referees some ideas on how to expand their OSR games with some options that may seem familiar, and will be compatible with the older versions of the world’s most popular fantasy adventure game.


Life of Rage - OSR Edition
This is now available at RPGNow.

Life of Rage is a roleplaying game where the players take on the roles of orcs and goblins; the humans, dwarves and elves are the "monsters" in this game.  The original game is still in development (actually, it's just awaiting some play test feedback, and original artwork), but this version converts that game to be compatible with the Moldvay/Cook D&D rules.

And don't forget the first and only supplement (so far)!
Qruzlat - The Way of the Crushing Fist

The Barbarian
A quick, one-hour piece of work, these are my thoughts on how a Barbarian class would look for B/X D&D.  I think there's probably room for additions and modifications, but I rather like it as is.  This class has also been included in Basic Arcana, so if you have that, you don't need to grab this.


Based on some fiction ideas I am developing, I did a write-up for Orcs in the Star Frontiers universe.

Disclaimer:  The Author claims no ownership of any of the copyrighted artwork included in these works.  They are used only for illustrative purposes, and remain the sole properties of their rightful owners.

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