Friday, February 22, 2019


Arise, oh blog of mine! Come forth from the depths of obscurity and become my geeky voice once more!

Ok, let’s see if it sticks this time. I’m hoping to make blogging a regular part of my activities again. And since RPGs and other geeky pursuits seem to be my forte, I figured I would start with this one.

So, to that end, I have a few ideas. I’d like to do some general RPG-related posts. Something along the lines of how I game, how I feel some rules can be interpreted and/or altered, and maybe reviews of products. I’ll probably also review movies and books that could be relevant to gaming. If they aren’t, they’ll probably show up over on my personal blog. There will probably even be a few creations that I just want to share for your amusement.

I’ll also use this space to talk about projects I have in the works. I recently came to the sudden realization that I’ve become so obsessed with re-inventing the wheel by creating new mechanics and systems, that I have neglected playable content. So, in an effort to switch gears, I’ve started a list of projects for content to be used with existing systems (mostly 5e and Savage Worlds at this point).

In other news Gary Con is just around the corner (March 7-10). As always, we are going all four days. This and Gamehole Con here in Madison are our annual vacation destinations. Anyone else planning on being there? If so, what are you playing?

I’m getting a good variety this year, with multiple genres of gaming. I usually pick a theme and try to follow that as much as possible. But, the pickings get slim relatively quickly, and since I couldn’t purchase my ticket until a couple of weeks after the event registration opened, I have to take what I can get. And that’s perfectly ok with me. Still a lot of good stuff there.

Anyways, let’s get this thing started with a standard question. What are you playing this week?