Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Current State, Part 1

Ho there, friends! Long time no see. Sorry if anyone has missed my ramblings, but life kind of dragged me away from my blogs for a long time. I think I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

As an aside, I am going to continue the practice of doing my gaming-related blogging here, and my life-related blogging over at In the Words of Tom. I invite you to follow both, but if you are only interested in the gaming stuff, that’s totally cool.

Anyways, so where have I been, and what I have I been playing/running? Well, when last I posted here, my group was playing Turtle Island. As you may recall, this is a 5E game set in Pre-Columbian North America. We started out in the Upper Maine region, and ended the first leg of the campaign on the shores of the Great Lakes. Many monsters from Native American mythology were met, some friendly, some not. But, we managed to survive. At that point the DM put the campaign on hiatus.

During the interim, the other regular DM in the group, who had previously run a 3.5E campaign that lasted 5 years in real-time, ran us through a moderate campaign based on the Mass Effect video game series, using an original system that he wrote from the ground up. Going in I decided I was going to help him work out any kinks in his system as it related to hand-to-hand and melee combat. So, I made a character was a literal ninja. The latest in a long line of ninjas from a family that traced its lineage back to feudal Japan. If you know anything about Mass Effect, that’s a pretty long time.

Over all the game went pretty well. Given the fact that the GM is a literal Rocket Scientist, there was a few higher math concepts that we Liberal Arts majors had a hard time grasping at first. But once we got into the flow of things it was pretty fun. He has recently stated that he is almost ready to release a revised set of rules, which he says have been slimmed down and simplified a bit. Kind of eager to see that, honestly.

Next time I’ll talk about what I’ve been working on, and what’s coming up!

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