Sunday, August 25, 2019

2019 RPGaDay 21: Vast


The potential experiences available to RPG-players is vast. When one considers the number of genres, sub-genres, character-types, races, classes, genders, experience levels, power levels...a gamer could play a different combination of all of this each day, and never play the same kind of character twice for years, maybe decades, or even the rest of their lives.

Even if one to limit themselves to a specific kind of character, there's still room for differences and nuances. For instance, as I've mentioned before, I tend to play some variation of the hulking brute, no matter what game I play. In fantasy, I'm the huge barbarian, in sci-fi I'm the strong warrior-type, in Supers, I'm the Tank. All variations of the same theme.

When I played in an L5R campaign years ago, my character was Hida Gotetsu, Samurai of the Crab Clan. Those familiar with that game are most likely nodding their heads knowingly. In fact, it became a running joke that all of my characters were the same character reborn into different universes. The Eternal Gotetsu.

The point is, though your choices are vast, you shouldn't feel the need to try everything. Because not only are the choices vast, so are the number of players. And that number is growing everyday. So, don't be afraid to stake your claim on a niche. Chances are, someone else at the table will make something to compliment you.

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