Sunday, August 4, 2019

2019 RPGaDay 3: Engage

A lot of people talk about "player engagement" as being very important. And while I agree with that, I'd like to point out that the other side of that coin is just as important. That is, DM/GM engagement.

As a DM/GM, I like to interpret this as catering to my players, and specifically their characters. This is why, when setting out the parameters for character generation, I usually ask the players to tell me what their character's goals and dreams are. Are they bent on vengeance? Atonement? Fulfilling a promise? Is their goal a secret, or do they share it with their companions? Does it cause them internal strife because it goes against their moral compass?

I then take those nuggets of player creativity, and try to work them into the narrative of the story. And I usually try to make it an integral part of the over all campaign, where they have to deal with that element directly, with their party's help.

In this way, each character gets their moment to shine. To be the center of the story. And I usually let the players know up front that each of them will have this kind of focus at some point. I like to think it adds to their investment in the game. The anticipation of seeing their creativity given a spotlight.

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