Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Basic Arcana 2.1

Based on some commentary, I have added some content to Basic Arcana at RPGNow. If you have already bought it, you should get a notification of an updated version.

If you haven't bought it, why not?


  1. Just re-downloaded and it looks great! I'll re-edit my review as well.

  2. Hey, thanks! So, what do you think of the spells?

  3. I like them. The Dwarven Priest spells ended up the better of the two classes.

    One thing you might want to consider is occasionally adding a spell or two here on your blog. It shows support for your book and keeps people coming back.

    There are also 1000s of OGC spells too that would work for these two classes, you could post those as well.

  4. Here is one of mine you can use!

    Fey Sight
    Level: Elf Sorcerer 1 / Witch 1
    Range: Touch / Self
    Duration: 1 hour per level
    The subject gains the ability to see twice as far as normal in starlight, moonlight, torchlight or similar conditions of weak lighting. The subject is able to distinguish colors normally and distinguish detail fully. When cast upon a subject that has lowlight vision, this spell doubles the effective range of vision to four times as far as normal.
    Material Components: A living firefly.