Sunday, September 15, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenege - Day 15: Favorite Monster (Undead)

I don't think I really have a favorite undead that I have used in a game, or that I have fought as a player.  But, the one I always wanted to see used was the Death Knight.

I remember reading about them in the original Fiend Folio and thinking how cool they were.  But, since I never DMed, and I never played to the level that they would be encountered, they just remained cool things to think about.

Then I read the Dragonlance Chronicles, and totally fell in love with the idea of Lord Soth.  This love was cemented when I read Knight of the Black rose, wherein Soth goes to Ravenloft, and meets Strahd Van Zarovich.  I geeked out when they came to blows and it was apparent they were equally matched.  here was an undead that could equal the likes of Dracula!

I think I like the Death Knight the most because it's a thinking undead, and though they are usually inherently evil, they are often honorable.  I kind of see them as a fighter version of a lich.

I even played one in World of Warcraft for a bit.  That was pretty cool.

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