Monday, September 2, 2013

D&D 30day Challenge: Day 2 - Favorite Playable Race

Chak the barbarian/sorcerer
Half Orcs.

When I first started playing D&D I had no real inspiration.  I hadn't discovered Conan yet, hadn't read a lot of books beyond EB White, and really, my only model for a warrior was Bard the Guardsman in the Rankin/Bass The Hobbit, which I had watched on TV several times.  In fact, I really can't even remember what I played in those early games.  I never took part in a campaign that lasted more than a single session, so I had never gotten attached to any single character.

Later, I had my first long-term character, a half-elf fighter named Tomos (because I was oh-so creative with the names).  I described him as a cross between D'Artagnan and Conan (he had 18/90 Strength, and a 19 Comeliness).  For a long time after, half-elves were my thing.

But somewhere along the way I tried out a half-orc character.  And I totally dug it.  It was in 3E, and he was a barbarian/sorcerer named Chak.  I only got to play him in a single session of a campaign that continued without me when I had to leave.  But there was just something about being such an outcast character that I really got into.  Not to mention the fact that he was excessively strong.

I have always played fighter-types, generally.  And since Chak, they have mostly been half-orcs.  I still go for other races on occasion, but half-orcs are my thing.  And full orcs are even better, if I can convince the DM to allow them.  My current character in our 3.5 game is Ahnuld the half-orc barbarian/favored soul/fighter.  He is the tank, for obvious reasons, but he's also one of the most complex and developed characters in the group.


  1. I have played one half-orc ever and he died so horrible that I am recounting it later this month.

  2. I don't think I ever identified with the Half-Orcs. I think that the Halflings, Elves and Half-elves resonated more with my younger self because I was short and weaker than pretty much everyone else around me, so I tried to roleplay characters with other advantages.

    It's interesting to see a full-on Orc character as a possibility -- I always wondered why D&D only allowed half-orcs but half-elves and elves were allowed...

  3. We went through AEG's World's Largest Dungeon (well, about 2/3 of it), and my first character, a Dwarf Barbarian, got killed in the second session (while someone was subbing for me in my absence...grrr). So, using the rules I found on an orc-centric RPG site, I made an Orc Warrior. Worked really well. Just different enough to be unique, but still pretty balanced.