Tuesday, September 3, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 3 – Favorite Playable Class


As I stated in the last post, I have always been drawn to the warrior-types; fighters, paladins, rangers.  Probably the result of my Conan obsession.  The last 2E game I played in I played a fighter based on Conan.  But, since there was no workable "barbarian" class (though I'm sure there was a kit somewhere), I just played him like one.

When 3E came out, I was happy to see the Barbarian class.  And when I finally got a chance to play one, I was hooked.  I love the rage ability, the d12 HD, the extra running...all of it.  To me, it's almost unbalanced, because the only real downside that I have encountered is the Illiteracy (well, and the lower REF and WIL saves).  In high-RP games, that can be a hindrance unless you compensate.

All of that being said, I will often multi-class the character with levels in something else.  I'm not sure I have ever played a straight up barbarian for a character's whole career.  So, even though I will place the class as my favorite, I think it works best when combined with other classes.

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