Thursday, September 26, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 26: Favorite Non-Magic Item

About what I imagined it looking like.
The Sea Wolf.

As I have talked about before, I started really getting into playing Tomos when I was in the midst of discovering the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard (though I was reading the Ace editions, which had a LOT of influence from L. Sprague DeCamp). Some of the better stories took place on ships (Queen of the Black Coast), so I was entranced by the idea of having my character own a ship and sail the seas.

So, with the money he got from his first few adventures, he was able to afford to buy a small ship. In game terms, there wasn't a whole lot done with the ship. During the first adventure we repelled some pirates. But beyond that, the ship was not much more than a glorified horse, getting us from A to B.

But when I started plotting stories about Tomos, the ship became much more. I had long ago decided that Tomos would always have a wolf motif wherever possible (Conan had a lion). So, when it came to naming my ship, I named it the Sea Wolf (someday I am to read the book by Jack London).

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