Monday, September 9, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 9: Favorite Character I Haven't Played

In thinking about it, I suppose this could be read in two different ways, depending on where you place the emphasis. So, I will answer both.

My favorite character I haven't PLAYED is a recent roll up. Inspired by a picture of my (then) 2 year old son with a toy horned helmet and sword, I conjured in my mind Connor Boulderhead, Gnome Barbarian. My son has a large, round head, and while he is growing into it finally, when he was younger it seemed unnaturally so. He also has a short temper, like his daddy. So, the character concept just naturally came to be.

High in the stony hills of Gotland there lives a clan of gnomes who eschew the softer trappings favored by their more civilized cousins. Life in these lands is a constant struggle. Especially when the tribes of goblins come down from the mountains beyond to raid and pillage. The gnomes of Clan Boulderhead are always there to meet this threat. And always at their head is the indomitable figure of Connor the Fierce. In his brawny hands he wields his warhammer, known throughout the clan as Greensmasher, with a fury rarely seen among even the stalwart Boulderheads. But now, one of their own has sent word from the coastal cities. Connor's cousin, Daniel, who left the hills in search of fortune and was never seen again, has fallen in battle. But, according to the message that came by courier, it was not a glorious battle, but an act of treachery. Enraged and bent on vengeance, Connor has packed his meager possessions, slung Greensmasher over his shoulder, and stalked out of the hills into a world that may not be ready for the likes of him.

My favorite character that I have not played is very difficult to pick, as I seem to have always been blessed with friends who make cool characters. But, if I have to pick one, it would be, oddly enough, another gnome. We played AEG's The World's Largest Dungeon, and my friend played a gnome sorcerer named Oswald, who had a particular interest in necromancy. As we made our way through the dungeon, he leveled, and eventually prestiged into a necromancer class. He was creepy, arrogant, and reminded us all of Chun from Remo Williams. He often referred to the rest of the party as his "demi-gnome" lackeys. He hated my first character, a dwarf barbarian named Brak. When Brak died, I replaced him with a huge, full orc named Gortek. Oswald and Gortek soon became friends, oddly enough, and much fun was had. John, the player, would later recreate Oswald in World of Warcraft, and would take great delight in immolating squirrels.

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