Friday, September 20, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 20: Favorite Humanoid

I drew this!

Ok, anyone who has casually browsed my blog, or knows me in any way, should have seen that one coming.

I love orcs. I've played orcs, I've drawn orcs, I've written stories about orcs. I've even written an RPG about orcs! So, why do I like them so much? Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because they are inherently honest. Mind you, not in a good way, but they wear their inner selves on the outside. They aren't pretentious, or condescending. If they think you are beneath them they tell you. Sometimes in creative and cruel ways. In short, they are simple and direct. And strong.

That being said, there are some representations of orcs that I don't like. The Warhammer (including 40K) Orks were cool when all I did was play mini war games. But as a race in a story or RPG, they are rather 2-dimensional and boring. WarCraft orcs are a bit better, but they tend to be represented as mental simpletons to an extent.

In my mind, orcs are what humans would be without anxiety and the need to be accepted by the other races. They are unapologeticly brutal and fierce. They have their own brand of honor and they enjoy a good scrap.

Unfortunately, they don't tend to live very long.

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  1. Nice! Yes, orcs are the greatest. They can be empathetic wildermen, vile nazis, nameless shock troops and cunning warmasters all rolled into one.