Tuesday, September 17, 2013

D&D 30-Day Challenge - Day 17: Favorite Animal Type

My favorite vermin is the vampire. Ok, so they’re not vermin, really. Just leeches. Never mind.

My favorite animal type has to be cats. Cats come in all shapes and sizes. They make excellent familiars (if a bit cliché), awesome ranger pets (ok, that became cliché too, about ten years ago), and brutal foes. You can keep them as pets, you can ride them, you can even talk to some of them and learn secrets.

If you’re inclined to play in an Egyptian-styled world, you can even worship them. Bast was always my one of my favorite deities. Why? Because she’s a hot cat chick...

Don’t judge.

So, yeah. Cats. He-Man rides a frickin’ green tiger, man! How cool is that?

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