Monday, September 16, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenege - Day 16: Favorite Monster (Aberration)

Just to be sure I knew what I was talking about, I had to look up what qualified as an aberration. From the list I found on D&D Wiki, I think I like the Illithid (mindflayer) the best.

As a DM, I have never had the opportunity to run them. However, as a player, I have encountered them a few different times. I remember at one point we encountered a colony that was under some kind of spell or something that made the elder brain dormant for a period. So, we had to come in and destroy it before it could awaken and destroy us. I remember wondering just how much the DM was cheating by allowing us such access to the illithid colony. It seemed like there were powerful enough to wipe us out.

In our current campaign we encountered them peripherally. As I stated before on the NPC post, we got involved in a war between a dark elf city and an Illithid colony. We never had to face any mindflayers ourselves, but my previous experience as a player made me nervous about it. I'm sure we would have been fine, but still.

Basicically, Illitids are freaking creepy and scary. I should use them in a game sometime.

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