Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 4 – Favorite Game World

I've usually played in generic, homebrew worlds. However, on occasion, someone will bust out with a commercially produced setting. Of these, I think my favorite is Forgotten Realms. The fiction is generally good, the setting is vast and diverse enough to have adventures just about anywhere, and the mythology is dang cool.

For a runner up, I would probably choose Krynn. And I choose this because, unlike 99% of gamers out there it seems, I actually enjoyed some of the Dragonlance novels. Chronicles and Legends for sure, and quite a few of the one-off and other trilogies. Krynn's only downfall? No Orcs.

So, Forgotten Realms wins.

That being said, the setting is never all that important to me, unless I have a plan for my character that involves something that is setting-specific. Like the time I had the idea that Tomos would become the King of Sembia.

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