Saturday, September 14, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 14: Favorite NPC

Two weeks in and I am kinda stumped on this one.  I mean, looking back over the games I have played, none stand out as exceptional as a player.  And as a DM they're usually kind of throw away for me.  I use NPCs to fill a need in the plot, and then forget about them once the party has moved on.

I guess my current favorite is Artruus, the dark elf wizard.  In our current game, we were in an "Underdark" area, and we came across four dark elves fleeing a losing battle.  These aren't drow, like in Forgotten Realms.  They have pale features, and dark hair.  Three are warriors, and one is a wizard, and they are all brothers.  So, while the party is deliberating on what to do with them, Ahnuld decides that they should be given a chance to prove themselves.  He declares that all four are under his protection.

Now my character has four minions.  Until one of them gets eaten by a purple worm.  But I still have three.  And when combined with the NPC followers that other players have picked up...well, we kind of have an army.  Eventually, the DM decides to start thinning the herd a bit.  So, rather than see any more of his friends die horrible deaths, Ahnuld recommends that the two warrior brothers stay in the dark elf city and help rebuild after their war with an Illithid colony (all the while spreading the good word of Templarus, God of War).

Artruus (or Arty, as well all call him) stays with me, and ends up being a very useful companion.  I rather like him a lot.  I did the picture above of him.  Even though he's not a drow, it's still pretty close.

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