Friday, September 6, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 6: Favorite Deity

This is a tough one, as I have never really gotten heavily into deity-worship in game, until just recently. My characters are rarely devout unless they are clerics. And even then, they are devoted to the pantheon. However, on occasion I have a character who finds an opportunity to devote himself to a specific deity.

Tomos was devoted to Tymora, because he was a freebooter and mercenary. In one adventure late in his career, my friend and I were doing a solo game with him using 2E rules. At one point he got his hand cut off by a Drow. But he prayed to Tymora, and we RPed a very cool scene where she restored his hand in appreciation for his devotion. That was pretty awesome.

My current game takes place in a homebrew world. Based on the real world during the middle ages, it also includes fantasy races, monsters, and a whole pantheon of gods. At one point, I decided that my half-orc barbarian was going to become devoted to the god of war, Templarus. He started adding levels of Favored Soul (it is to a cleric what a sorcerer is to a wizard). The gods figure heavily into this campaign, so when I did this, it seemed to start a trend among my fellow players. Now everyone has a favorite deity whom they call on for guidance a lot.

All of that being said, I tend to favor gods of strength and war, since I usually play warrior-types. I recall being pretty excited about Kord when 3E came out. He's like a cross between Hercules and Magni. Two of my favorite mythological figures.

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